My butterfly

The suitcase in the car
I know it’s our last time
And you drive so fast
And i feel so sad

Your flight is on time
You say «it’s a goodbye ! »
But i feel Inside
A crack on my smile

I’ll wait for you
I’ll wait for you…..

I look through the window
Your plane flies away
And the same time
I see a butterfly

Then i feel Inside
A crack in my mind
And i realize
It was not a «goodbye »

I cry for you
I cry for you… my butterfly

You send me a postcard
You met some new friends
You tell you feel so high
And i feel so down

you sign « see you soon »
I knew it was a lie
and i felt inside
it would be the last

I need you
I need you….. my butterfly

When i see a plane
I dream you are Inside
And you come back to me
Like a butterfly

I dream of you
I love you… my butterfy

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